Durocret Deco Flex


DUROCRET-DECO FLEX is used both internally and externally in numerous applications, such as stairs, floors, walls as well as for aesthetic reasons (e.g. Cycladic architecture), in houses, shops, hotels etc. Special constructions, such as built-in beds, built-in sanitary ware (washbasins, showers and more.)

Approx Coverage: 1.5kg /m²/mm of layer thickness.

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DUROCRET DECO FLEX is used both internally and externally in numerous applications, such as stairs, floors, walls as well as for aesthetic reasons (e.g. Cycladic architecture), in houses, shops, hotels etc. Special constructions, such as built-in beds, built-in sanitary ware (washbasins, showers and more.). Its flexibility renders it suitable for applications demanding elasticity, such as substrates made of gypsum board or cement board, floors with in-floor heating, attics, metal surfaces, floors subject to heavy traffic, old tile layers, outdoor spaces, like balconies and terraces.

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Approx Coverage: 1.5kg /m²/mm of layer thickness.


DUROCRET DECO FLEX is gradually added to water under continuous stirring, until a mixture of the desired workability is formed. The product is applied with a 10 mm notched trowel. A 160 g/m2 reinforcing fibreglass mesh is installed on the ‘combed’ surface of DUROCRET-DECO FLEX, which is then embedded with the smooth side of the trowel, forming a relatively even surface. Twenty-four hours later, the hardened surface of DUROCRET-DECO FLEX is primed with the acrylic primer UNI-PRIMER or FLEXPRIMER, and while the primer is still fresh (fresh on fresh), DUROCRET-DECO FLEX or DUROCRET-DECO FINISH is applied in a thin layer (1.5 mm) in any desired color, in order to form the desired style of the microcement coating. Two-three days after the application is complete, the protective varnishes may be applied, provided that the substrate is dry.

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